The Transport Training Programme

This programme has been designed specifically to support front line staff working in the transport sector. This will include both public and private transport operators. Our intention is to provide you with some information on dementia, but more importantly to highlight the impact you can have on the experience of a person living with dementia. We are committed to shifting the focus from loss in dementia to an emphasis on supporting existing strengths. We have deliberately avoided providing you with lists of signs and symptoms of dementia. Instead we want you to simply consider the person in that moment. If you consistently treat the person with respect and use some of the strategies we cover here, then the experience is likely to be more positive for both of you.

On completion of the Transport programme, participants will be able to identify:

  • Ways in which dementia can affect a person
  • Some of the challenges a person with dementia can face using transport services.
  • Some approaches which can be used to support the person in these situations.
  • What a ‘dementia friendly’ physical environment means and some approaches to achieve this.


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